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Rivers and Bluffs Animal Shelter’s Grand Opening is set for Saturday, June 2nd from noon – 4 p.m. Tina will be in charge of this and will be assisted by the Fundraising Committee.

Rooster Andy’s Chicken Q will be held May 24th near Peoples State Bank on Blackhawk Ave. We will need volunteers to help with this. If you can help, please let Bev know. Volunteers, as you can tell by the above list, we have a lot going on in the next 2 months. We will need your help. If you can help with any of the events, it would be greatly appreciated. It’s a fun way to help RABAS and get to know fellow volunteers at the same time.

Scenic Motorcycle, Auto, Bike Ride - June 9th

Save Your Shoes for RABAS – Bev wants to try this again, even though everyone else thinks she is crazy. But now that we have our own place, complete with a big garage, shoe collection and storage should be much easier than the first time we did it. Once again, if you are cleaning out closets, please save your gently used shoes, boots, flip-flops, and sandals. They do need to be clean and in good shape. The collection will start in May. The start date has not yet been decided, but it will be after the Garage Sale.

Meat Auction to benefit Rivers and Bluffs Animal Shelter – Judy Armstrong has set up a Meat Auction at Jim’s Bar on June 15th. Jim’s Bar and Mississippi Meats will handle most of the details. Meat auctions are very popular and have made recently made more than $2,000.00. This fundraiser will not require much work on our part. Judy and Jim will also donate a life-size (5-6-feet-tall) Bucky Badger that we will auction off that night. We are hoping to use the profits from this event to provide
vouchers for spaying and neutering cats.


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Rivers and Bluffs Animal Shelter’s  Grand Opening is set for Saturday, June 2nd from noon – 4 p.m. Tina will be in charge of this and...
Memorial Tiles – The tiles are in place on the large wall in the lobby. Inmates and the Building and Construction Class Instructor from the Prairie du Chien Correctional Institution installed the tiles on Friday, April 7th. This project started about a year ago when the fundraising committee decided on which title company to use based on cost, quality of tiles and customer service.
Brick Markers USA from Miami, Florida was chosen. It took a number of months to get the minimum order of 50 tiles, but it was worth the wait. The wall is very striking and people who have purchased tiles have been coming in to find their tile on the wall. The inmates did a great job with the installation and finished the installation today (Monday, April 9th) by applying grout between the tiles. Profit from these tiles is $5,659.00. Thanks to everyone who ordered a tile. If you would like to order a tile, you can do so. The 2nd promotion has begun. Tiles from the 2nd promotion will be ordered when we have a minimum order of 50 tiles. Tiles can be ordered in memory of or in honor of a beloved pet or family member. Tiles can also be inscribed with a family or business name. The engraved tiles make excellent gifts for the animal lover in your life. Cost of a 4x8 tile is $75 and cost of an 8x8 tile is $150. Memorial Tile Orders can easily be placed online by going to our website
Click on the link and you will be able to order online using Paypal or print off an order form which can be mailed along with payment to RABAS PO Box 421 PdC, WI 53821. Tile order forms are also available at the shelter. You can complete an order form and pay for it while visiting the shelter.
Kwik Trip Gas sales from January 19th through January 31st, 2018 totaled $325.00 for a profit of $16.25. The sale of these cards can play an important role in funding the monthly operational costs. Please consider purchasing these cards from Jill, Donna or Bev. The Kwik Trip cards can also be purchased at the shelter. The cards can be used in the store for products or at the pump for gas. A simple swipe at the pump and you will be on your way without waiting plus you will be helping Rivers & Bluffs Animal Shelter. We make 5% from every gasoline purchase and an additional 10% for every in-store purchase. Please support Rivers & Bluffs Animal Shelter through the purchase of the Kwik Trip Cards.
Partnering for Pets – Nelson True Value in Prairie du Chien has offered RABAS an ongoing opportunity to raise funds True Value has printed cards that are available at the shelter. If you purchase wild bird food products or pet products fromTrue Value and present this card at the time of purchase, True Value will donate 10% of the purchase price to RABAS.
But it is up to us to get these cards into the hands of people who purchase pet and wild bird food products from True Value. So, please help spread the word. And then purchasers need to remember to show the card at checkout. A check for $61for February was received on Monday, March 5th

Continuing Fundraisers

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Memorial Tiles – The tiles are in place on the large wall in the lobby. Inmates and the Building and Construction Class Instructor from th...
Hello Friends! As we begin our fifth month of being open, we have found homes for 48 cats and 25 dogs. We’ve had great success adopting dogs out usually within the first week or two of being at the Shelter. Currently, we don’t have any dogs, but that could change at any moment. We are planning on getting five dogs April 29th from two rescues, Lola’s Lucky Day and Paddy’s Paws, that work with high-kill shelters in Texas. These two rescues take dogs who would otherwise be euthanized due to over-population in larger rescues and animal shelters down south. We hope to continue to work with these rescues and help save lives by accepting a few dogs every month. We will continue to post adoptable animals on Facebook and our website as soon as we know they are coming to us. Staci, RABAS Manager

A Message from the Manager

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Hello Friends! As we begin our fifth month of being open, we have found homes for 48 cats and 25 dogs. We’ve had great success adopting do...
Rivers and Bluffs Animal Shelter
PO Box 421
Prairie du Chien, WI 53821
Rivers and Bluffs Animal Shelter
460 Cliffwood Dr.
Prairie du Chien, WI 53821

Ph. (608) 380.1559 

Shelter manager:
Staci Roth

Board of Directors
Vice President: Bev Pozega
Chief Financial Officer: Tori Iverson
Member: Jill Cipra
Member: Randall Paske
Member: Joe Kramer
Member: Dr. John Kurt, DVM

Finance: Tori Armstrong 
Fund Raising: Bev Pozega
Operations: Joan Senn and Randall Paske

Contact Us

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Rivers and Bluffs Animal Shelter PO Box 421 Prairie du Chien, WI 53821 or Rivers and Bluffs Animal Shelter 460 Cliffwood Dr. Prairie...
Two local businesses are making it easy for community members to support the Rivers and Bluffs Animal Shelter in Prairie du Chien and shop at their retail establishments at the same time.

Nelson True Value has begun an ongoing program, Partnering for Pets, through which shoppers can help support the animal shelter. According to Bev Pozega, RABAS vice-president, customers at True Value who purchase pet products or store brand Wild Bird Food products will have 10 percent of those purchases gifted to the shelter.

“They’ve been trying to come up with a way to help us and we’re so grateful,” Pozega said. “This is a great way for customers who already buy their pet products from True Value to give back to us at the same time.”

For seven to eight years now, Kwik Trip has been offering gift cards, which can be used for gas or groceries at its convenience stores, to citizens who wish to contribute to the shelter. It’s a simple program. For example, give Rivers and Bluffs $25 in cash and you will receive a $25 Kwik Trip gift card. Then, Kwik Trip will give 5 percent of the proceeds to RABAS. From there, you can shop as you normally would at Kwik Trip with the cards. If you purchase groceries with the card, an extra 10 percent will be given to RABAS.

“Basically, you’re not out anything. You get the same value out of it as what you put into it. You just use the card at Kwik Trip and Kwik Trip is the one that makes the actual donation,” Pozega explained. “The cards make great gifts and they help out our organization.”

More ways to give
In addition to these fundraisers, RABAS is selling 4x8 and 8x8 tiles to those who wish to honor or memorialize someone. Tiles will be erected inside the animal shelter.

Plus, the shelter is collecting old cell phones and inkjet cartridges to be sent to Texas, from which RABAS gets a “kick back,” according to Donna Heilmann, RABAS secretary. The size of the old phones and cartridges must be smaller than the palm of your hand to donate. The shelter, Tender Care Animal Hospital, Computer Support Plus, RadioShack and Mediacom all have boxes for these items.

“Every little bit adds up,” Pozega said.
*Permission granted by By Correne Martin, Courier Press

Shoe donations will also support micro-enterprises in developing nations and reduce what goes into landfills

Rivers & Bluffs Animal Shelter (RABAS) is conducting a shoe collection drive which started Monday, May 14th and will end on July 13th. Funds raised will be used for operating expenses and pet care. Rivers & Bluffs Animal Shelter will earn funds based on the number of pairs collected as Funds2Orgs will purchase all of the donated goods. If the group can collect 2,500 pairs of gently worn, used or new shoes by July 13th, they will receive approximately $1000.00. Those dollars will directly impact the lives of the pets at the animal shelter. Anyone can help by donating gently worn, used or new shoes. Shoes can be brought to the Rivers & Bluffs Animal Shelter – 460 Cliffwood Drive in Prairie du Chien. The animal shelter is open on Mondays from noon to 7 p.m. and on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 12-4. If you have shoes to donate but cannot deliver them to the animal shelter during open hours, please call Bev at 608-326-2914 to schedule a drop-off appointment. Pickup will be available to those individuals with 50 or more pairs of shoes by calling Bev.

All donated shoes will be redistributed throughout the Funds2Orgs network of microenterprise partners in developing nations. Funds2Orgs helps impoverished people start, maintain and grow businesses in countries such as Haiti, Honduras and other nations in Central America and Africa. Proceeds from the shoe sales are used to feed, clothe and house their families. One budding entrepreneur in Haiti even earned enough to send to her son to law school.

This is the 2nd time that Rivers & Bluffs Animal Shelter is conducting the shoe drive. The group raised over $2,000.00 in 2016 through their “Save Your Shoes” Collection Drive. The group’s goal for this year is 300 bags or 7,500 pairs of shoes. Businesses are encouraged to collect shoes from employees or to set up collection boxes.

“We are excited about our shoe drive," said Bev Pozega, Vice President. "We know that most people have extra shoes in their closets that they would like donate to us and help those less fortunate become self-sufficient. It’s a win-win for everyone,” she added.

By donating shoes to Rivers & Bluffs, the shoes will be given a second chance and make a difference in people’s lives. Pickup will be available to those individuals with 25 or more pair of shoes by calling Bev at 608-326-2914.

Rivers & Bluffs Animal Shelter is a not for profit 501 (c)3 organization. Your tax-deductible donation can be mailed to RABAS PO Box 421 PdC, WI 53821

Rivers and Bluffs Animal Shelter
460 Cliffwood Drive
Prairie du Chien, WI 53821
Ph. 608.380.1559

Rivers and Bluffs Animal Shelter is a 501(c)(3) volunteer-run charitable organization. State License 468354-DS