Rescues, Adoptions & Losses

Since opening our doors to help pets in need of their forever homes, we have found homes for 18 dogs and at least 35 cats. Thanks to everyone for caring for these pets until they found their forever homes. The two Red Bone Coon Hounds are doing well. Skitter went to a young couple who live in Iowa on 80 acres of woods on a dead end road. The last report is that he is doing great and they love him very much. Bones is currently living at the Prairie du Chien Correctional Institution. But that is a great place to live if you are a dog. Bones is getting 24/7 attention, love and training. Hopefully, when he is ready for graduation, he will quickly find his forever home.

Ringo and Bailey by Terri Lins

In December I started making visits to our fantastic new animal shelter. I met Ringo & Bailey the first day I was there. They had lost their owner in an accident, and I believe that they were pretty confused & sad. I went in on 3 different occasions within the week, & we bonded very quickly. I brought them to their new home on Jan 8th, and after about 2 hours of the normal prowling & snooping, they both settled right in.
Bailey is 6, and very inquisitive. Anytime I open a closet or cupboard door, she is in like a flash. Ringo is 10, and a little more laid back. Much more interested in naps & curling up on my lap for hours of petting. They are extremely well behaved and never get on the kitchen counter or tables when I am around to see it!! 
They have brought so much love and laughter into our home that I'm already wondering what I did without them. They think that they are dogs and come running to the door to greet me when I'm coming in. They are a special gift. They ask for nothing but shelter, food, & most of all love. It's just pure joy to have them sharing my home. I have always believed that rescue animals know what we have done for them and they try to pay us back by being the best pets possible. 
We've had 6 of them now over the last 30 years, and they've all been a blessing.
Olive Oyl Rider, beagle, approximately 1-year-old - by Shelly Rider
Olive Oyl (named after the Popeye cartoon, not the food) came to the shelter as a stray and had a very short stay. Olive was pretty scared at the shelter and since she was going to be spayed the next morning Shelly and Mike Rider fostered her in-house and dropped her off for her procedure on their way to work the next morning. Olive instantly won over the family with her cute and cuddly manners. 
The Rider's agreed to keep Olive until she found her fur-ever home. It didn't take her long to win over Mike's heart and make friends with the Rider's other two beagles, Butch (11) and Nala(4). In fact, she found her spot on the bed the first night at the house. The Rider's had been discussing getting another dog for Nala to have someone to play with since Butch is getting up there in age and not as fond of playing as she. Shelly officially completed the adoption while Mike was out of town (yes he knew it was happening). Olive is showing her spunky personality more and more each day. When she isn't chewing on her brother Butch and removing his collar or sitting on and romping around with her sister Nala, she enjoys playing with and chewing on toys, naps, belly rubs, cuddling with her persons and furry siblings and stealing as many papers as possible. She is currently working on some basic training and has mastered come and sit and is working hard on down. Walking on a leash has been a new experience for Olive and she enjoys going for walks and exploring the new sites, sounds and smells of her new to her environment.