Rivers and Bluffs Animal Shelter is a 501(c)(3) volunteer-run charitable organization tasked with building and provide funding for. an animal shelter which will serve Grant, Crawford, and Clayton counties.
We are committed and dedicated to seeing the dream become reality.

Rivers and Bluffs Animal Shelter is pleased to announce the following ways to make a donation.

Option 1:
A one-time donation using Your Credit Card via Paypal

1. Click on the "Donate" button
2. A new screen will appear.
3. Enter amount you wish to donate
3a. If you have a PayPal account - log in
3b. If you do NOT have a pal account, on the left side, just above the tiny card icons, click on "Continue". Complete the information.

Option 2:
Automatic Monthly Donation for one year.

Monthly Donation

Option 3:
Mail cash or check directly to Rivers and Bluffs.
Rivers and Bluffs Animal Shelter kindly requests that donations are sent to the following address. Send to:
Rivers and Bluffs Animal Shelter
PO Box 421
Prairie du Chien, WI
Please include your name, street or mailing address, city, state, and zip code. We'd also like your email address and telephone number.

Option 4:
Download a form and choose your own donor level
Download a form, then print out a form by clicking on this link. 
Choose your donor level:
  • Benefactor $500.00
  • Patron $150.00
  • Sponsor $75.00
  • Family $35.00
  • Individual $25.00
  • Student $5.00

Option 5:
Automatically deduct monthly donation from Bank Checking account
Using our easy online donation form, you can sign up to donate automatically on a monthly basis via your bank account. Simply click on this link to download the form. Print it, then bring it to People's State Bank.

Option 6:
Amazon Smile
Rivers and Bluffs Amazon Smile
Click on Icon to Shop  Rivers and Bluffs Amazon Smile