Building Committee Update

by Paula Gutzmer
Exterior photo of Animal Shelter
The final Contractor walkthrough was last Wednesday. A few small items remain to be completed, but nothing significant. The mechanical contractor also went through the operation of the equipment with Cheryl and I. A Maintenance Manual of all the equipment is being provided. The final contractor payment will be made when the final numbers are submitted from the subcontractors. I also did a Walk through with the Fire Chief on Friday to determine the location of the fire extinguishers needed.
The dog kennel materials will be shipped July 10th from Ohio. They will be unloaded at  River Town Iron Works and moved to the shelter when we can coordinate a group of folks to help us unload and move the materials into the shelter.
The cat condo shipment is a few Weeks out yet, but we will also unload the shipment at  River Town Ironworks. Ken Quick has "volunteered" members from the Pdc football team to help place them in the condo rooms. There are 4-8 condos which weigh 130  pounds each so the help from the team will be very much appreciated.
Next week I am meeting with the manager of Design Homes and the contractor who has  "volunteered" to do our cabinetry installation. We will finalize the plans and then place the order for cabinetry and counter tops. The order lead time is about 3 weeks and then we can proceed with the installation.
Don Iverson is working on the blacktop plan for the driveway and parking lot, and we are also Working on the outside fencing plan with input from our "volunteer" lawn mowing person. Plans will be reviewed by the Board before We proceed.