Successful Adoptions!

The first few weeks were interesting. Bella and Duke had some difficulties at first, but have since improved...they still have their moments, but more often than not they seem to enjoy each other’s company and play. Bella, or “Bells”, has adjusted pretty well. She gets along pretty well with Tugger also, unless she happens to be trying to eat his food, then Tugger gets a bit cranky with her. She enjoys her walks and play time outside, she loves to play fetch, in fact, you won’t see her much without a tennis ball...she still loves to jump up on people and try to “kiss” their nose with hers and also still likes to punch with her paws. She is very excited, loving, and playful. She likes to lay next to Duke and playfully nip at his ears and get him up to play, she really likes his attention. She is very funny and very alert...she watches everything and learns so quickly. She likes to roll around on her back and loves a belly rub and enjoys being combed. When she lays down, she just flops her body down and it makes a loud thud and then she sighs, it reminds me of something a bored child would do on a rainy day. She does not eat or drink ladylike. She sprays food and water everywhere and makes quite the mess, but wouldn’t change her (she sometimes sticks her nose in the water dish and blows bubbles? Looks like she is snorkeling?). Despite some of the challenges, she has come a long way as far as being in a house and has been a blessing to our come a long way as far as being in a house and has been a blessing to our family. Thank you and the rest of the volunteers who spent time with her.

Niko aka Mac

My husband, Sean and I lost our 10 1⁄2-year-old Denali to an aggressive form of cancer in 2010. After that loss, we knowingly adopted a senior dog with a very aggressive mammary gland cancer. We went into it knowing that she may only be with us for a couple of weeks, but we thought she deserved to be in a real family with people that loved her for as long as she had left. She had 2 surgeries and was pronounced cancer free. We were blessed to have Ginny in our family for 4 years. Because of Ginny, we decided that we would rescue senior and or special needs dogs. While we had Ginny we also adopted Luna and Ruby. Currently, our family consists of two 7-year-old dogs, Vixi & Pippi and a 16-year-old dog, Abbey.
On March 2nd my husband was driving by River and Bluffs Animal Shelter while on the job and saw what he thought, was a bag of dog treats lying in the middle of the road. He saw 2 ladies standing in the parking lot talking so he stopped to let them know that they might want to check out the bag. As it turned out they were discussing a blind little (6 1⁄2 pound) dog that had been surrendered just that morning. My husband said he was definitely not in the market for another dog because we had 3 at home already. Well, Bev “talked” him into coming in to just meet the little guy. Sean ended up taking
his entire lunch break visiting with him and brought me there the very next day to meet him. On March 9th I brought him home to try fostering for a couple weeks to see how he got along with our other 3 dogs. Needless to say, on March 26th we officially adopted “Niko”.
Being only 1 1⁄2 years old he is full of puppyish playfulness. His favorite toy is a purple monkey that he loves to “attack”. He is quite the cuddler when he’s not playing or going for walks his favorite place to be is curled up on my chest/shoulder area. He’s added so much fun to the household. It’s been interesting to watch him get around and learn his new home. He really has no idea that he is blind. He is fearless and quite an explorer. We are thankful for the bag of dog treats that someone lost on the road, which by the way...... ended up being pretzels. Thank you, Staci and Bev! Niko will forever be a part of our family. ~Brenda and Sean