RABAS saves Texan dogs on the verge of euthanization *

By Rachel Mergen
As dogs have been filed into Houston shelters, approximately 60 to 80 being surrendered each day, euthanization lists have grown at an alarming rate due to lack of space for the many sweet abandoned dogs. Prairie du Chien’s Rivers and Bluffs Animal Shelter (RABAS), partnering with Lola’s Lucky Day based in Madison, is protecting the rights of these dogs by transporting them to the area to help them find “fur-ever” homes.
“People are not even aware of how bad it is down there,” said Judy Armstrong, who has taken the lead with these Houston dogs in the RABAS shelter. She recalled being told that dogs are dumped every day by their owners, left to wander the streets. People will purposefully try to hit the canines with their cars, and, in many cases, dog fighting leaders will catch the small dogs to be used as bait. Large groups of dogs that stand together as a pack will viciously attack solo dogs.
Armstrong, with RABAS manager Staci Roth, are sent pictures of the dogs down in the Houston shelters who are going to be euthanized. The shelter accepts the dogs that have kind tempers, as most of them have been “super friendly,” Armstrong said and has them transported to Prairie du Chien.
“Not one dog has growled at anybody,” Armstrong added. The dogs appreciate the love they have received from shelter volunteers and employees, automatically becoming attached to those they meet, in hopes that they will not be abandoned once again.
The dogs learn to live with people again very quickly, usually learning to be house-trained early at their new homes. They are already spayed and neutered, along with having had all of their necessary shots.
“Just come out and look,” Armstrong said, speaking to people who are on the fence about adopting a dog, especially one from Texas. “There’s somebody for everybody.”
If interested in more information or to adopt one of the dogs, visit www.riversandbluffs located at 460 Cliffwood Dr. Rivers and Bluffs welcomes visitors. Hours are Mondays from noon to 7 p.m. and Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from noon to 4 p.m.

***Reprint by permission: Corene Martin, Courier Press