Recent Adoption !–Bella's Story

Bella has been such a sweet addition to our family. We have a twelve year old beagle named Remmy and she has slowed down quite a bit over the last few years. There had
been talks about getting another dog but figured the right one would come along when it was supposed to. Aaron is a firm believer that it is best to let the old teach the young so
Bella has been very busy with Remmy. Bella loves to watch Remmy run rabbits. Hopefully she too can be a great hunter one day.

Bella loves to go for walks with Remmy and I but just doesn’t know what to think about our neighbors calves so she always barks when we go by. The pond behind our house seems to be her playground and the other day she found a snake to roll on- crazy dog!

Bella and Remmy do play a lot which is so fun to watch; however, Remmy loves to tease Bella with her bones and hides them in her bed- she is a typical older sibling.
With so many animals in need of homes we just knew our next dog would be from a shelter. After seeing Bella’s picture at RABAS we had to meet her. My husband was the last one who got to meet Bella and ended up bringing her home that same day!! She is learning more and more each day and we look forward to the future with her.
Aaron, Angie, Jayden and Lane