Recent Adoptions - Rosey's Story

I started volunteering at River and Bluff’s animal shelter at the end of December. I love cats and kittens and wanted to be able to go and have some kitty cuddles and help out however I could. I never intended on getting another cat. I have two at home, Roxy, and Polly who are about 6 and 5. The first few months cats and kittens came and went and I didn’t have any interest in adopting one. Then along came sweet little Rosey. She had just come in and was back where all the new cats come when first brought in. Well, she won my heart over from day 1. She was so darn cute and had such a personality. I told Staci right away to not let anyone claim her because I was going to convince my husband she needed to come home with me. Well, eventually I talked him into it. It didn’t take long. He is also an animal lover. I had to wait a bit to take her home so I visited as often as I could. She would jump onto me as soon as I opened her cage and would start purring instantly. She didn’t have
much of a meow and still doesn’t.
Rosey never even made it out of the back since I claimed her right away. It’s been a little over 3 months since Rosey has joined our family. I can’t say that our 2 other cats have grown to like her yet but I am hoping it happens soon. My two teenage boys love Rosey just as much. She is much more playful than the other two cats but has them exercising more than ever. Even if it’s because they are chasing her. Rosey loves to snuggle up and lay on me. The second I come home she comes out of hiding and jumps up on me.
She certainly has brought a new dynamic to our house. I am so glad I started volunteering at RABAS and found Rosey. Who knows... Maybe there will be another kitten adopted down the road.
Michelle Kraus