The Story of Harley

Harley is a beautiful cat who was found at Effigy Mounds by a couple hiking there.
The couple lived in Indiana and had been camping in the area. The couple brought Harley to Rivers & Bluffs as they felt they could not keep him because they already had two cats that they traveled with. After thinking about this beautiful and very friendly cat, the couple changed their mind about keeping Harley. They contacted Rivers & Bluffs on Sunday to see if they could take Harley back to Indiana with them.
Because of the unique circumstances of Harley’s surrender, volunteers staffing the office were not sure if they could just turn Harley over to the couple who found him. Harley could have had an owner out there looking for him.
Staci was informed of the couple’s interest on Monday. She immediately contacted the couple who had returned to Indiana. They were still very interested in giving Harley the home he so truly deserved. They made a return trip to Rivers & Bluffs Animal Shelter
on the following Saturday to make Harley theirs. Congrats to all 3