Rivers and Bluffs marches in Oktoberfest Parade and sponsors Canine Costume Contest

Around a dozen dogs dressed in their Halloween costumes marched towards the Octoberfest grounds on Saturday, October 20th. These brave dogs and their owners fought the cold north wind and gave their best performance.
Later in the afternoon, the dogs and owners took part in a Canine costume contest under the big tent. The audience voted for their favorite costumed canine by placing money into a bag held by the owners. The contest was held as a fundraiser for Rivers and Bluffs Animal Shelter.
Special thanks to

  • Brinks, a beautiful Rottweiler owned by Tracey Kirscbaum. Tracey painted Brinks as a skeleton.
  • Finn, a Burmese Mountain Dog owned by Kristen Weiss. Kristen made Finn a beautiful "Festmaster costume.
  • Callie, the Goldendoodle, owned by yours truly and handled by Graydon and Logan Paske. Callie's costume portrayed Callie and another dog (a stuffed dog perched near Callie's tail) toting a keg of beer.
  • Betsy, a long-haired Chihuahua, owned by Diane & Bob Witt. Betsy was dressed as a cute little bumble bee
  • Kona, dressed as an angel and owned by Angel Becwar, 
  • Molly, a not so ferocious lion, owned by Bob and Diane Witt, 
  • Reba, a Shiba Inu, dressed as a beer can and owned by Bev Pozega, 
  • Sally, a terrier mix, dressed as Santa and handled by Lisa Trautsch and 
  • Jazzy, owned by Nancy and dressed as a hunting dog in a camo vest. 
  • Special thanks to Jill and Angie for helping with this event.

Rivers and Bluffs thanks all of the volunteer participants and Octoberfest for the opportunity to raise fund towards the Animal Shelter. The shelter is open Monday – noon-7 p.m., Wednesday and Friday – noon-4 p.m. and Saturday – 9-1 p.m.
Rivers and Bluffs Animal Shelter, a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization. Donations are always welcome.