Volunteering at Rivers and Bluffs Animal Shelter

If you love animals, becoming a volunteer at Rivers and Bluffs Animal Shelter is definitely something you should consider. You will be making a difference not only to the animals that reside there but to the shelter and to your community. Words can’t adequately describe the rewarding feeling you get from helping these beautiful four-legged souls that are without a family to love and care for them.

Volunteers are an essential part of our daily operation.

There are a variety of tasks assigned to volunteers; some include working with the animals, some do not. You can walk dogs, socialize cats, clean cages, help with feeding, watering, and grooming, or administrative tasks. Some volunteers choose more than one “job” so they can contribute wherever help is needed most.

This does require a time commitment. Rivers and Bluffs does expect volunteers to honor whatever time commitment they’ve made. We need to know you’ll be there when you say you will, and if your life is in flux, it’s unfair to the shelter and the animals to make promises you can’t keep.

Getting started as an animal shelter volunteer is easy. You fill out an application and typically attend a “new volunteer” orientation. We use this orientation to familiarize volunteers with our operations and to make sure this new relationship starts off right. It’s similar to starting a new job, except you don’t get paid, at least not with currency you can spend. Shelter volunteers get paid with emotional dollars they can put in their personal bank of pride and self-appreciation.

Volunteering at a shelter is something I highly recommend for all animal lovers. If you’re like me, it may make you sad (and mad) to see so many beautiful animals without a loving home. Yet it will also fill your heart with happiness to know that you are enriching their lives as they wait to find a family of their own. (Click here to learn more....)