Adoptable Pets in the Community

These animals are available for adoption from individuals within the community. You will need to contact the pet's listor directly. These animals are not at the shelter.

Jenny Bartling |English Labrador | Dog  | Male | Age:4-5 | Spayed/Neutered
Up-to-date on vaccinations 

Korby is the sweetest, most loving doggy. He does well with children, cats, public settings, and looooves car rides. He does need work on his manners as far as jumping, his sit is great, and he’s very good about waiting for his food. He’s house trained and does best on a regimented schedule with regular bathroom breaks and feeding times. Korby is a very high energy dog and requires a lot of one on one attention. He does cry sometimes when locked in his kennel, but a simple “Korby, inside voice” command quiets him down :) We are in search of a new home for Korby simply because the farm life is not for him. He would do best with a yard that is fenced off where he can safely burn off energy. I think he really just needs the right family with the time and lifestyle for him to blossom into the best dog I know he can be. His history is sad and we adopted him from a really bad situation, I’m happy he is no longer in that situation; however, he isn’t the right dog for our home. We have farm animals that he likes to chase when loose which is dangerous for everyone. Korby just needs the right family to dedicate his love and affection to. He is up to date on all his shots, dewormings, and was neutered about 3 months ago. Message me with any other questions about this sweet boy!

Posted on: 06-25-2019
Phone: (563) 7942443 Email:

Jordan Johnson |Unknown | Cat | Female | Age:1 | Spayed/Neutered


Very lovely, active cat who loves attention from people of all ages. Good with dogs and even better with kids.
Posted on: 06-21-2019
Phone: (563) 8804317 Email:

 Kary Werner |Blue Heeler/ Unknown Mix | Puppy  | Female | Age:7 months | Spayed/Neutered
Up-to-date on vaccinations | 5/18/2019
Kirra is an intelligent, energetic puppy.  She loves to play and hike.  Gets along with everyone and other dogs that don't mind energetic play.  Shes house trained, sits before being asked to enter or leave the house and comes when called.  My lifestyle requires me to leave her in her kennel too much, she deserves better.
City: Harpers Ferry, Iowa

Kary Werner  | Email | Phone:(612) 819-8701

Brandi Ostert | Bichon Frise and poodle mix | Dog | Female | Age: unknown | Spayed/Neutered Up-to-date on vaccinations | 5/6/2019

I have my mom's dog. My mom past away 3 weeks ago. It breaks my heart to re-home this dog. I will keep her until we have found her a new home.
Cami is a sweet dog. She came to live with me 3 weeks ago when my mom passed away. 
 The vet thought she was Bichon Frise and poodle mix but who knows. Because of her breed, she will need to be groomed every 6-8 weeks. She just has a happy personality most of the time. She loves bones, soft science diet food and hard food, treats, loves her soft toys and likes to play ball. 
 She just wants to sit on someone's lap all day and be petted. She would sit on my mom's lap when she was sick for hours. She is fully house trained. She is spayed and up to date on all shot. 
 She does have a few quirks I will explain. Because of these quirks, I think she would be best suited for a person that has no other dogs or cats. She will bite my male dog when she is being protective. I have a 5 yr male Tibetan Terrier and a 1 1/2-year-old female Standard Poodle also no cats. She plays with my Standard Poodle. However, she zones in on the male if The Tibetan Terrier and the Standard Poodle are playing. I think she thinks the male dog is going to hurt the female. As long as he sleeps on the sofa she is fine with him. She will even lay close to him. I can not figure her out. She guards her food and bones. So I have to put her in her kennel to eat. If she has her bone I have to supervise so she does not go after the other dogs when they get to close. This does not matter what dog. She will go after the female if she gets close. She also is not suited for cats. She will attack my cat if she walks in the room. She does not like some men. It is random. She likes my husband and all of my brothers and nephews. But if a man came into my mom's house that was not family she would bite them.  This sounds like she is a horrible dog. But really she is so sweet. 

Contact: Brandi Ostert <>

Renee Jorgensen |Rat terrier | Dog | Male | Age:2 | Spayed/Neutered l Up-to-date on vaccinations |


Hi, my name is Kipper. I am a rat terrier my vet thinks I might have some bulldog in me because of my pouty lip. I am approximately 2 years old. I am also fixed.

I am a bundle of energy but I want to do what I can to make my person happy. My favorite game is tug of war, I have also been learning to play ball but I would rather have you chase me than give it back. I would love to have someone that I can either take long walks with or even running with you or a nice big yard that I can run in. Once I understand that you are my family I will love and want to be with you forever. I am very comical and love to make you laugh.

I am good with small dogs once I get to know them, but would prefer to be the only dog. I think I would be best suited in a home with an elderly couple or someone that can give me all their attention. I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT GET ALONG WITH BIG DOGS.

Posted on: 04-06-2019
Phone: (608) 4121897 Email: