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Mary Thompson |Chocolate Lab | Puppy | Female | Age:11 weeks | Up-to-date on vaccinations

Very friendly, great personality. Still, a puppy so it likes to bite and chew on things. Does well with chew toys..potty pad trained only. Has papers but not registered yet. We will be getting 2nd series of shots this week. Full bred chocolate Lab.

Posted on: 12-30-2019

Phone: (608) 262-227-6759 Email:

Mark Hamann | Free Kittens

The mother was a feral cat who found a hidden place in the hay pile. I believe the orange one is male, and the other two are females.
The orange one is very active and playful, the largest and most dominant one of the group. He's pretty bold and likes being petted but isn't crazy about being held for too long.
The black one is very friendly, likes being petted and held, and like the orange one runs to greet me when I go in the barn.
The gray and white one is still timid, the shyest of the group. She keeps her distance, but calms down after being handled, and doesn't mind being held. She's gradually getting more comfortable with people.
I'm sure with some attention she will be fine.

Mark Hamann | 326-8274 | Posted 10/7/2019