Membership Renewals and Donations (8/12/2018)

Special Thankyou to the Following:
Jim & Judy Armstrong – River Town Ironworks for the beautiful sign and flower pots.
S. Rita Clancy for the shade trees which will provide much-needed shade to the grassy play areas.
Josh, Staci’s boyfriend for planting the trees on his days off.
Shelly & Mike Rider for purchasing tree bags which makes watering easier.
Bob Witt for using his power washer to clean the floors in the kennel area. It has made such a difference!
Pete Prew for mowing the lawn. Even though there are many weeds in the mowed areas, once the area is mowed it looks very nice.
Dr. John Kurt for mowing, seeding and “rolling” the play areas to make the areas less muddy and
more pleasing to the eyes.
All of you who have donated the many things we use on a daily basis – cat litter, dish soap, laundry
detergent, poop bags, dog and cat food, paper towels, and cleaning supplies to name a few. Thanks also to those of you who have made cash donations.
All of our wonderful volunteers who are dedicated, dependable, caring, loving and passionate

about the pets in our care. You are truly making a difference in the lives of these pets.

Friends of Rivers & Bluffs Annual Donations – New and Renewals
Janice Hein
Tim & Joan Senn
Tom & Marjie Bennett
Sandy & Ray Kittle
Larry & Sharon Boylen

Donations – June 20th, 2018 thru August 10th 2018
Candice Miller
Jackie Harvey
Twentieth Century Study Club
Charles Wachuta
Amy & Joshua Bahnsen
Daniel Poehling in memory of Ken White
Jackie and Candy Lamb in honor of Sheree Scarff’s birthday
Donna Horsfield
Tammy Olson in honor of “Gretta”. – She received so many FB Happy Birthday wishes and in person that she had to share the love
with her shelter friends.
MPC/Team Honda Week of Service – many needed supplies
Steuben River Runners 4-H Club
Sheri Lynn King
Sarah & Lester Olson
Debbie & Dennis Leeser
Tom & Marjie Bennett
Bev & Dennis Pozega – Thrivent Choice Funds
Anonymous Donor

Craig Anderson & Kile Martz
Rodney Boardman
Laura Elsinger
Patricia Dillman
Joe and Dr. Carrie Kramer
Nancy Klossing
Dr. John and Kathy Kurt
Randi and Mike Kluesner
Donna Heilmann
Mike and Jackie Rymarz
Kurt and Peggy Smith
Bob and Diane Witt
Frank and Mary Weeks

Tom & Marjie Bennett
Marilu Bintz
Gary & Joanne Brooks
Sandy & Ray Kittle
Kathy & Gary Koch
Cyndi Luster
Stephanie McCumber
Linda Munson
Peggy Ryan
Joe & Kay Schmitz
Ron Stark

Randy & Linda Bedward
Colleen & Gene Bouzek
Larry & Sharon Boylen
Donna & Dale Cipra
Jill & Brian Cipra
Mike & Mary Jane Faas
Eric & Betty Frydenlund
Mike & Julie Hazen
Gary & Kathy Koch
Randy & Kathy Paske
Ron & Kathy Quamme
Mike & Shelly Rider
Dave & Bonita Ralph
Crisse Reynolds
Staci Roth
John & Judy Ryan
Nancy & Bill Stuart
Bill & Marlene Ziemer
Tonya & Kim Mayne

Judy Armstrong
Theresa Burns
Merilee Close
Patricia Cook
Phil Dwornik
Kelly Fishler
Janis Hein
Joe Hunzeker
Tori Iverson
Debbie & Dennis Lesser
CJ Meitner
Bonnie Olson
Tina Osterhaus
Kim Pinkham
Bev Pozega
Rosemary Reese
Sue Rider
Lydia Seeley
Linda Smrcina
Roberta Spires
Linda Smrcina
Janet Thorton
Sally Whitish

Monthly Pledge
Sue Rider

Steve & Lynda Welter